June 6, 2010

EAMCET - Inter Weightage Calculation Procedure - Wegtage for Inter - EAMCET Marks

EAMCET 2012 candidates are in very much eager to know how their Intermediate marks are going to impact the EAMCET ranknigs. Here is  a simple procedure to know that. From 2009 onwards, EAMCET in Andhra Pradesh has undergone changes. There is 25 percent weightage for Intermediate marks. Only marks of Group Subjects will be considered for weightage. Remaining 75 percent Marks will be calculated from EAMCET Marks. Final Rankings of EAMCET will be announced after aggregating both Inter and EAMCET marks. To be make it simple, follow this example....

For Intermediate Weightage:

If a candidate get 576 marks out of total 600 marks, his / her weightage will be calculated like this....
576 / 600 X 25 = 24 Marks

For EAMCET Weightage:

Total marks of a candidate in EAMCET will be aggregated to 100 and 75 percent weightage will be calculated from that marks. For example, if a candidate score 80 marks out of 160 in EAMCET, his marks in EAMCET will be...
80 / 160 X 75 = 37.5

Now both weightages will be added and final rank will be announced accordingly. This will be done like this...

Inter Weightage = 24 +
EAMCET weightage = 37.5
Total Marks = 61.5
Based on this marks, final ranks will be calculated.

We hope students and parents understand this easily now... Best of luck!

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  1. thanks to solve my problem of mine

  2. Sir
    when will you going to be announce the rankings officially


    1. EAMCET 2012 ranks are likely to be released on 14th or 15th July 2012.

  3. thank you soo much you clarified my problem

  4. emcet 38 marks ellegible yes or no

    1. If you are from OC category, you should get 40 marks to qualify for the counseling. SC and STs do not have any qualifying mark but should meet other conditions of counseling.