December 13, 2011

Counseling Centers in Hyderabad Colleges

In a significant move to bring down the stress on the college students, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is considering to establish separate counseling centers in all the colleges in Hyderabad. Starting from the academic year 2012-13, all the Under Graduate colleges in the city of Hyderabad will have exclusive wings for psychological counseling of students. The government's efforts to help students through these counseling wings will not be mixed with other centers and committees in colleges.

As per the proposal put forward by the Government, each counseling center will have to appoint at least one clinical psychologist along with two assistant psychologists who will help clinical psychologist in delivering the duties. The official circular issued by the Government authorities also disclosed that the counselors in the colleges should not be staff members. They should be trained properly before put into services.

The proposal to set up counseling centers in the colleges has its roots in increasing suicide cases in the city. According to the police records, the number of suicides in 2010 was at 12 cases and it has gone up to 15 cases in 2011. The managements of colleges also responding in a positive way for the move as it could benefit students with different backgrounds. The efforts will help the students to cope with the new set up of college education after Intermediate or +2.

With the establishment of counseling centers in colleges, students will have an opportunity to share their fears and also find the solutions to overcome them. The counseling centers also would reduce the number of campus violence cases. There were several instances of campus clashes between student groups. Counseling centers at the college level could act as a watchdog.

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