May 21, 2012

EAMCET 2012 Engineering Expected Ranks and Marks Comparison

Candidates those appeared for EAMCET 2012 Engineering stream are eagerly waiting for the marks and estimated ranks. The EAMCET key will give you an understanding of the marks you are going to get in the examination. Following is the marks and ranks comparison of the EAMCET 2012 engineering stream. This information will help you in estimation of the your EAMCET rank. It is felt that the Mathematics paper is a bit difficult than earlier years exam. EAMCET marks are going to play crucial role in final weightage and ranks. Here is expected ranks for the various marks range in EAMCET 2012:

Expected Rank - Marks

1) Ranks Below 1 to 10 : Above 145 Marks
2) Ranks Below 100 : Above 140 Marks
3) Ranks Below 500 : Above 135 Marks
4) Ranks Below 1000 : Above 130 Marks
5) Ranks Below 2000 : Above 120 Marks
6) Ranks Below 4000 : Above 110 Marks
7) Ranks Below 6000 : Above 100 Marks
8) Ranks Below 9000 : Above 90 Marks
9) Ranks Below 12000 : Above 80 Marks

Each mark below 80 will change the ranks upto 1000 to 1500. In the same way, Every mark less than 70 will make difference of 1500 - 2000 marks. Candidates who secure more than 100 are likely to secure a engineering seat in University campus college. Chances of getting a seat in a reputed and old private engineering are bright if you secure marks 80 and above. We hope this will help you in estimating your probable rank in EAMCET 2012 Engineering stream.

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