June 1, 2012

Inter First Year New Text Books Prices

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has released new text books for Intermediate First year students. The Board of Intermediate Education, AP (BIE AP) has revised the syllabus and the new text books have been published and distributed by Telugu Akademi according to the new syllabus. But the prices of new text books have been almost doubled from the earlier text books. The new text books will be available in the market from June 2012. The new prices for MPC stream are at Rs.1,350 and Rs.1,100 per set for the Bi.P.C stream. The old prices for are Rs.500 and Rs.550 respectively for MPC and BiPC streams. The BIE has released new textbooks for Mathematics IA and IB, Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Zoology. English version of the text books will be available in the market from Thursday.

The Government on the other hand has justified the hike in prices of text books citing the better quality colour printing this year. The number of first year Intermediate students are likely to be around 7.5 lakh. Out of these, about 4.5 lakh students are in the MPC and Bi.PC streams. Each of the 4.5 lakh students of these streams have to be supplied four text books of the changed syllabus. It is high time for the Government to keep sufficient number of books available in the market and stop black marketeers.

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