January 31, 2013

Eenadu Spoken English by M Suresan for Download

Eenadu Pratibha, a part of Eenadu daily has been publishing Spoken English articles for a long time. More than 700 articles have been written by M.Suresan. These articles are written lucidly and easy to read and understand for any average learner of language.

Spoken English articles written by M. Suresan are available for download from the websites : www.eenadu.net and also from eenadupratibha.net . All the articles from 2005 are available on the Eenadu daily net edition link given above.

Interested students, housewives and other learners can download the articles from the websites mentioned above and take print outs for the future reference. Eenadupratibha.net also has a separate section for Spoken English.

You can find a variety of articles like collocations, written English, Communication, Functional English along with Suresan's answers to readers queries.

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  1. Hi ,
    This is Narasimha Rao,Can anyone please provide me the adress of M.Sureshan training centre.

  2. Hi Suresh sir.i like this article verymuch.i hav learnt somuch by reading this ar.this article is very helpful for me.thanku somuch sir.

  3. This article is coming once in a weak.if it comes daily I would be happy.

  4. sir it is the best english material.It is very helpful for english
    learners so u have provide it daily.

  5. sir, i need your old articles pls send me my mail id gpraveenk00@gmail.com
    frnds do u have suresan sir material pls send me my mail pls..

  6. i have one doubt sir in english verb sentence some words front some back why explain please send me my emailaddress

  7. sir please clear these doubts
    Q 1 Whethere plural form of nation is nation /nations
    Q 2 she has developed many hopes about her future. correct this sentence
    Q 3 how to use the word horary
    Q 4 the crew was deowned/sunk in the deep sea
    Q 5 Dr.Murthy is a specialist in/on cardiology
    Q 6 she killed her/herself (i read that reflexive pronouns are not used as subjects or objects
    Q 7 Indian army is beaver than that of pakistan. Is it essential to 'that of' in the above