November 12, 2013

Senior Inter BiPC Zoology - Important Topics to Study

Main aim of a Bi.P.C. student is, generally, to secure a seat in Medicine. To get a
seat in Medicine one has to get a good rank in EAMCET, for which marks in
Intermediate Public Examination are also important. To secure good marks in IPE, a
planned study is important.

1. Three essay questions will be given and one has to answer any two. Out of these
three essay questions, two questions will be given form Human Anatomy and
Physiology (unit I to V) and the other from Genetics (unit VI)

2. Even though all units of Human Anatomy an Physiology are elaborate, they are
interesting easy to understand because all aspects belong to our body and hence
remembering the points is easy.

3. Pay attention in practicing diagrams and labeling them.

4. Besides other lessons, pay special attention on
-Digestive system
-Process of digestion
-Transport of respiratory gases
-Structure and functioning of heart
-Structure of nephron
-Process of urine formation
-Sliding filament theory
-Structure and functions of brain
-Propogation of nerve impulse etc.

5. In Genetics, concentrate on
-Blood group inheritance
-Sex determination
-Sex linked inheritance
-Genetic disorders
-DNA finger printing

6. Evolution (unit VII) and Applied Biology (unit VIII) are important for 4 marks

7. At the end of every chapter in the Text Book a list of three types of questions is
given. For IPE, read answers for all those questions.

8. Some questions of 4 marks may have lengthy answer and some have few lines
answer. Hence adjust the time accordingly.

9. Practice the following diagrams thoroughly
-L.S. of tooth
-L.S. of heart
-L.S. of kidney
-Structure of myofibril
-Fore limb bones
-Pelvic girdle of man
-T.S. of spinal cord
-Male and female reproduction systems
-Graaffean follicle repeatedly.

10. Pay special attention on the following 4 marks questions
-Functions of liver
-Blood clotting
-Differences between arteries and veins
-Counter current mechanism
-Contractile proteins
-Synaptic transmission
-Secretions of pituitary
-Diabetes mellitus
-Structure and functions of placenta
-Erythroblastosis foetails
-Aims of human genome project
-Industrial metanism
-Homologous and analogous organs
-Different types of cancers etc.

11. While preparing a unit, first read answers for 8 marks questions. They cover
many 4 marks and 2 marks questions also. Then read remaining 4 marks
questions. They cover some more 2 marks questions. Then go for remaining 2 marks

12. While reading concentrate your mind on the lesson - Victory is yours.

All the best!

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