January 5, 2014

10th Maths Computing Important Questions and Bits

Q: What are the characteristics of a computer. (2 marks)
A: A computer can perform only those operations which are identified and conceived by a
human being.
It can execute the operations perfectly with high speed.
It can easily handle the four basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on finite sets of numbers.
It performs various logical operations.
It can read the instructions and store them for subsequent use.
It carries out any number of instructions most obediently.

1 Mark Questions

Q: What are the essential components of a computer?
A: The essential components of a computer are i) Input Unit
ii) Central Processing Unit (C.P.U.) iii) Output Unit.

Q: Define an Algorithm.
A: An Algorithm is a technical term denoting a step-by-step procedure specifying a
sequence of steps resulting in the completion of a job.

Q: State any four languages used in computer.
Q: Define a Flow-Chart. (1 Mark)
A: A diagrammatic or pictorial representation of the sequence of steps for solving a problem.
Q: What do you mean by hardware of the computer? (1 Mark)
A: The three major organs - 1) The input 2) the C.P.U and
3) the output together constitutes the hardware part of the computer.

1/2 Mark Questions

1. ...... is the father of computers.
2. Vacuum tubes were used in the ...... generation of computers.
3. Large amount of information is stored in the ....... unit of the computer.
4. All parts of the computer are controlled by....


1) Charles Babbage 2) first 3) memory 4) control unit

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