January 13, 2014

Junior Inter Botany Important VSAQs from 5-8 Chapters

Following are Very Short Answer Questions from Junior Intermediate Botany from the chapters 5 - 8.

Q: How do liverworts reproduce vegetatively?
A: Liverworts reproduce vegetatively by Gemmae. These are produced inside Gemmae cups on the dorsal surface of the
thallus. When they detach, they germinate to produce parent gametophyte.

Q: Rearrange the following events of sexual reproduction in the sequence in which they occur in a flowering plant. Embryogenesis, Fertilisation, Gametogenesis, Pollination.
A: Pollination, Gametogenesis, Fertilisation, Embryogenesis.

Q: Which of the following are monoecious and dioecious organisms? a) Date palm b) Coconut c) Chara d) Marchantia.
A: Monoecious (Male and female sex organs in same plants) → Coconut, Chara. Dioecious (Male and female sex organs in different plants) → Date palm, Marchantia.

Q: What is the function of the 2 male gametes produced by each pollengrain in angiosperm.
A: One gamete unites with egg and produces Zygote. Another male gamete unites with secondary nucleus of produce triploid PEN (Primary Endosperm Nucleus). Later it becomes a primary endosperm cell.

Q: Explain the scope and significance of ‘Numerical Taxonomy’.
A: A branch of taxonomy that uses mathematical methods to evaluate observable differences and similarities between taxonomic groups is called numerical taxonomy. It is a kind of omega taxonomy. Now a days computer is used. The morphological characters are given codes and numbers and the data is processed to computer.

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