January 30, 2014

Junior Intermediate Chemistry Study Plan - Stoichemistry, States of Matter

Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure

Learn all 2 M, 4 M, 8 M questions from the lesson "Chemical bonding and Molecular structure".
For 2 Marks: Lewis representation, stability of ions, Formal charge, σ & Π bonds, dipolement & applications.
For 4 Marks: Hydrogen bond, types, examples, applications, consequences, postulates of VSEPR theory, Dative bond, Salient features of MOT, MOED of O2 & N2.

For 8 marks: Hybridisation definition, sp, sp2, sp3, sp3d, sp3d2 types with all the examples are very important.

States of Matter

As we expect one 2 M and one 4 M questions from the lesson "States of matter"- gases, liquids, different units of R, isotherms, Boltzmann constant, its units, Ratio of CP :⎯C : C, Surface tension, Coeff. of viscosity, TB, PC,
TC, VC definitions, Problems of Kinetic energy (4.8, 4.9, 4.10 of page 129) are important for 2 marks.

Deduction of gas laws from Kinetic gas equation, postulates of kinetic molecular theory of gases, derive ideal gas equation, Graham's law, Dalton's law, CP, ⎯ C , C definitions & problems (both solved in boxes & unsolved at lesson end), Vander Waals equation are very important for 4 marks.


Though one 2 marks and one 4 marks questions were given from 'Stoichiometry' till now, all the concepts are to be learned. One can say "Stoichiometry" is the heart of Chemistry.

Without clarity, perfection in this lesson, one cannot understand most of the physical chemistry topics.
Mole, equivalent weight, oxidation number concepts, balancing of equations in acid & base medium by ion-electron method, problems of E.F., M.F., weight-weight, weight-volume, volume-volume relations, types of redox reactions are very important.

Practice all the questions from the boxes given in every lesson as they may be asked in board examination.
One must prepare for all the competitive examinations parallel to IPE.

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