January 28, 2014

Senior Inter Chemistry Weightage - Solid State and Solutions

From this year onwards in I.P.E. about 25% weightage (16 marks) is given for Organic Chemistry. So many number of concepts are covered, which will come in almost all the competitive examinations including JEE Mains. You should remember that every line of Organic Chemistry is important.

Most of the competitive examinations are considering only Senior Inter marks as well as giving either maximum number of questions or 100% questions from Senior Inter. So Senior Inter marks are stepping stone for any course.
You need not worry if you adopt proper study plan. Present Senior Inter syllabus is difficult when compared to previous syllabus. All the important concepts are covered in present syllabus. As all the questions are appeared to be important, learn conceptually.

Solid State

Learn 2 marks and 4 marks questions from this lesson. As per present model paper and previous experience, weightage of this lesson is 4 marks. For 2 marks - Unit Cell, Co-ordination number of CCP, BCP, distinguish between HCP & CCP, crystal lattice & Unit Cell, types of magnetism, f-centres, doping, semi conductors are important. Tetrahedral & octahedral voids, Derivation & problem on Bragg's equation, density of the Unit Cell problems, calculation of efficiency of packing in FCC, BCC & simple cubic crystals are important for 4 marks. Learning of 7 systems of crystals and related figures, characteristics is must.


Probable weightage of "Solutions" lesson is 6 marks. Isotonic solutions, hypotonic, hypertonic solutions, ideal solution, Vant Hoff's factor, M, m, X, Π definitions & problems, osmosis, Henry’s law are important for 2 marks.

Also learn intext question 2.2, Examples in boxes: 2.1, 2.2, lesson end questions 17, 29, 49. For 4 marks learn Raoult's law (definition, problems), ΔTb, ΔTf (definitions & problems), Intext questions 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, Examples in boxes 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 2.13, lesson end questions 46, 47.

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