January 5, 2014

Senior Inter Zoology Imp Questions - VSAs

Very Short Answer Questions
Q: Sino atrial node is called the pacemaker of our heart. Why?
A: Sino atrial node is formed by cardiomyocytes. It has ability to generate action
potentials without any external stimuli. Hence it is called pacemaker.

Q: Name the valves that guard the left and right atrio-ventricular apertures in man.
A: a. Left atrioventricular aperture: Bicuspid valve (mitral valve)
b. Right atrioventricular aperture: Tricuspid valve.

Q: What are columns of Bertin?
A: In human kidney, among renal pyramids, cortex projects into medulla as columns of Bertin.

Q: Define glomerular filtration.
A: The non energy consuming passive process of filtration of blood from the glomerulus into human of the Bowman's capsule is known as glomerular filtration.

Q: Distinguish between the enzymes renin and rennin.
A: a. Renin catalyses the conversion of angiotensinogen into angiotensin I which is
concerned with excretory process.
b. Rennin is a digestive enzyme that converts the milk protein caseinogen into paracasein
in presence of Ca++ ions.

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