February 18, 2014

10th Biology - Carbon Dioxide and Photosynthesis - New Syllabus

Carbon dioxide is necessary for Photosynthesis

We need a destarched plant to start with. For destarching we need to keep the plant should in the dark for nearly a week for the removal of starch (or destarching) from the leaves. Arrange the apparatus as shown in the figure.

• Take the wide mouthed transparent bottle.
• Put potassium hydroxide pellets / potassium hydroxide solution in the bottle. (Potassium hydroxide absorbs carbon dioxide)
• Insert splitted cork in the mouth of the bottle.
• Insert one of the leaves of destrached plant (through a split cork) into transparent bottle containing potassium hydroxide dioxide pellets/ potassium hydroxide solution.
• Leave the plant in sunlight.
• After a few hours, test this leaf and any other leaf of this plant for starch.
• The leaf which was exposed to the atmospheric air becomes bluishblack, and the one inside the flask containing potassium hydroxide which absorbs carbon dioxide in the bottle does not become blue-black, showing that carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.

Ask your teacher why this experiment called Mohl’s of leaf experiment. Write information in your note book.

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