February 16, 2014

10th English Language Functions Model Questions

Exam Model Questions

1. Your friend has invited you for his birthday function. What would you say to accept it?
2. What would you say if your younger brother has been getting good marks?
3. You tiptoed on a passenger in a bus. How do you express your regret?
4. Your cousin greets you, "How are you?" What would you say to him?
5. Your friend has been scoring single digit marks. How would you advise him?
6. You met your uncle who has met with an accident. What would you say to him?
7. You are at Boath Cross Road. You are new to the area. How would you ask a stranger the way to Pochera Waterfall?
8. How would you introduce your friend Bablu to your aunt?


1. With pleasure!
2. Keep it up!
3. I'm really/ extremely sorry.
4. I'm fine. Thank you and you?
5. It's better if you could concentrate on studies.
6. Wish you early/ speedy recovery!
7. Excuse me... would you show me the way to go to Pochera Waterfall?
8. Hello, aunt, meet my friend Bablu. I don't think you've met.

The Use Of Modals

a) Will: It will rain any moment ⇒Prediction.
I will help you with your homework - Willingness
Shravya will be at school now - Probability
b) Would: Would you post the letter for me? - Request
I would do it for you - Willingness
c) May: May I use your umbrella? - Seeking permission
You may go and play now - Permission
He may be on the way now - Possibility
d) Shall: I shall return your book soon - prediction
Shall I bring you coffee? - Offering
Shall we go for a walk? - Suggestion
We shall take you to the show. - Promise
e) Can: You can go home Permission
Shruthi can sing melodiously - Capability
Can I wait here for a while? - Request for permission
f) Could: She worked sincerely and could succeed - Capability
Could you lend me a hundred rupees? - Request
g) Should/ Ought to: We should / ought to drive carefully.
We should pray to god - Advice/ obligation/ necessity/ duty.

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