March 2, 2014

10th Chemistry - Chemical Equations - New Syllabus

Chemical Equations: In activity 1, when calcium oxide reacts with water a new substance is formed which is unlike either calcium oxide or water. This description of chemical reactions that took place in activity-1 is quite long. It can be written in shorter form as a word equation.

The word equation of the above reaction is,
Calcium oxide + Water - Calcium hydroxide ......................... (1)
(Reactants) (Products)

The substances which undergo chemical change in the reaction are called reactants and the new substances formed are called products.

A chemical reaction written in a the form of word equation shows the change of reactants to products by an arrow placed between then the reactants, are written on the left side of arrow and the final substances, or products are written on the right side of the arrow. The arrow head point towards the product shows the direction of the reaction.

If there is more than one reactant or product involved in the reaction, they are indicated with a plus (+) sign between them. Describing a chemical reaction using least possible words or symbols is called a chemical equation.

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