March 20, 2014

10th Class English Grammar for Public Exams

Following is the study material of English for 10th Class / SSC Public Examinations in Andhra Pradesh / Telangana. The paper includes vocabulary, meanings of the words and choosing appropriate words.

Meanings of Words (General):

Malignant = harmful
Apprehensive = worried
Perish = decay
Docile = quiet
Lavish = luxurious
Turmoil = disturbance
Intrepid = brave
Apathetic = indifferent
Induce = persuade
Tranquility = peace
Tepid = lukewarm
Augment = increase
Austere = simple
Solace = comfort

Meanings of Words In a Given Context:

1. They presented him a miniature model of the Taj.
a) minute b) small c) expensive
2. She exhibited an item and her explanation was lucid.
a) clear b) intense c) short
3. Shruthi introduced me her uncle who was verbose.
a) proud b) active c) talkative
4. The Birla House in which Gandhiji stayed was spartan.
a) assetic b) simple c) tidy
5. Sachin received accolade from one and all on receiving Bharat Ratna.
a) praise b) criticism c) acceptance
6. She sent the letter with malice to none.
a) love b) sympathy c) hatred
7. The prisoner was acquitted for lack of evidence.
a) punished b) pardoned c) released
8. There is an enormous amount of work involved in this project.
a) very large b) very small c) very challenging
9. The sudden noise from behind startled Abhinav.
a) frightened b) surprised c) worried
10. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of America had a gentle disposition.
a) nature b) appeal c) face


1 -b 2 -a 3 -c 4 -b 5 - a
6 -c 7 -c 8 -a 9 -b 10 - a.sing Rig

Choosing Right / Appropriate Words:

1. The employees struck work demanding an immediate .... in their salary.
(perk - hike - consultation)
2. I was ....... that my boss was not in a mood to listen to me.
(concluded - confused - convinced)
3. People should be ........ about the possibility of terrorist attacks like the one in Hyderabad.
(vigilant - reticent - negligent)
4. Peace can only be achieved if one moves beyond ..... of caste and culture.
(beliefs - prejudices - discussions)
5. The streets look ...... on winter nights.
(deserted - crowded - sparse)
6. George Washington is still held in .....
(veneration - admiration - renunciation)
7. I can't ..... to spend so much time on such a silly talk.
(commit - allot - afford)
8. His words had ...... the opposite effect on his listeners.
(absolutely - exactly - correctly)


1. hike 2. convinced 3. vigilant
4. prejudices 5. deserted 6. veneration 7. afford 8. exactly

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