March 13, 2014

10th Class English Medium - English Model Paper 1

Following is the English Model Question Paper (English Medium) for 10th Class / SSC students of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana. Time of the exam is 2 1/2 hours and maximum marks are 50.

(1-8) Answer each of the following questions in abour THREE sentences
1. How did the fire in the forest start? (Fire in the Forest)
2. How had the ‘driver’ lost his shoulder and arm? (In celebration of Being Alive)
3. Why do you think Schwamm wanted to get to known his partner? (The Nighe of the Hotel)
4. How do we know the Rex had a gentle disposition? (Snapshot of a Dog)
5. In what way was the 10th of September 1946 important in Mother Theresa’s Life? (Mother Teresa)
6. What is Russell’s concept of a citizen? (Knowledge and Wisdom)
7. What is the secret source of the three’s strength? (On killing a Tree)
8. What is the relevance of Viboba Bhave’s message to the modern world? (Vinoba-A portrait sketch)

(9-24) Write the answers to these questions in your answer book.

(9-13) Choose the correct meanings of the words on the left and write them in your answer book.

9. disperse : move separate throw distract
10. snarl : shout stare attract threaten
11. notorious : popular various difficult disgraceful
12. malice : evil container rumour disease
13. wrench : pull bird destroy wet

(14-18) Note the meaning of each underlined word in the sentence in which it occurs. Select the option that conveys the meaning and write it in your answer book.

14. They presented him a miniature model of the monumnet.
a) minute b) sall c) expensive
15. They laughed heartly after the incident
a) angrily b) wholehearted c) healthy
16. The flowers withered away due to the heat.
a) dried b) destroyed c) droop
17. The birds bathed in the tepid water.
a) clear b) sweet c) lukewarm
18. The work could not be completed despite all their endeavours.
a) efforts b) plans c) expenses

(19-24) Choose the alternative that best fits the blank in each sentence and write it in your answer book.

19. In foreig countries, Gandhi is often recognised as the .......... of India.
(character, founder, embodiment)
20. The familiar surroundings .......... up many images in my mind.
(bought, conjured, imagine)
21. The car .......... dangerously before coming to a sudden halt.
( turned, swerved, screeched)
22. The manager .......... off angrily after giving them orders
( broke, stalked, threatened)
23. Peace can only be achieved if one moved beyond .......... of caste and culture.
( discussions, beliefs, prejudices)
24. The prime Minister was .......... when he saw the intensity of the disaster.
(overwhelmed, intense, overpowered)

(25-28) Find the wrongly spel word in each of the following sets and write it correctly in your answer book.

25. necessarily -accessible -feasible -conceivable
26. malignant -allignment -design- enlightenment
27. depute -ampuetate -ritual -fumigate
28. somersalt -vault -applaud -authoritative

(29-36) Write out in your answer book the words of your choice against the question numbers.

(29-32) In each set, find the word in which the underlined part is pronounced in the same way as in the key word.

29. chortle : church chorus chronicle chord
30. reared : stopped galloped shorted appeared
31. relative : expansive superlative invasve estate
32. horses : churches cats walks balls

(33-36) Find the word in each set that rhymes with the key word.
33. prize : nice size choice voice
34. spring : sing using bring king
35. awoke : broke provoke soak pack
36. grip : peep tip quip trip

37. Read the following passage in which the end of each sentence is not indicated. Decide which each sentence ends. Write out the last words of each sentence and the appropriate punctual marks(.),(?) or(!).

I am sorry but the school compound cannot be a through fare it is against regulations you take another road.

38. Use commas, full stops, exclamation / question / quotation marks wherever necessary and rewrite the sentence in your answer book.

If you fall off during our flight you’ll die.
(39-43) Read setence (a), then complete sentence (b) using the ideas in sentence (a). Keep sentence
(b) as close in meanig as possible to sentence (a). Write it in your answer book.5×1M=5M

39. a) Tou can tell him. You will meet him today.
b) When .....................................................
40. a) I was ill. I went to the doctor
b) I went .....................................................
41. a)” Please don’t be late for class”.
b) The teacher .....................................................
42. a) There are many books in the library. Students do not read them.
b) Although .....................................................
43. a) I did’t have your telephone number. I couldn’t call you.
b) If I .....................................................
44. Identify the parts of speech of each underlined word. Write down the words and their parts of speech in your answer book.

The cheetah has a thin elongated body and is said to be te fastest runner on earth.
45. Rewrite the following after making necessary corrections 1×1M=1M
I am having two elder brothers and one elder sister.

46. Rewrite the following passage making any improvements that you think are necessary. 1×2M=2M

Computers have become very popular all over the world. Computers can be used for entertainment and for information. Computers have also become affordable.

(47-51) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it. 5×1M=5M
The desert camel known as the ‘ship of the desert’, is perfectly made for a hard life. He has sharp teeth which enable him to bite and chew roots and even thorns. He eats dry shrubs and grasses. When the camel finds water, he drinks enough to store about seven litres. This he is able to use for three or four days.

How does the camel use this water? It is kept in ‘tanks’ that can be closed off from his stomach and opened when he wants a drink. His body tissues also function as storage cells. At the age of four months, he grows a lump of fat on his back. He draws nourishment from this fat when he has no other food to eat. This lump of stored fat is what makes the hump on a camel’s back.

47. Why des the camel chew roots and thorns?
48. How does the camel grw the lump of fat?
49. When does the camle grow the lmp of fat?
50. When is the lump of fat used for nourshment?
51. What is the use of the hump on the camle’s back?

52. Read the following passage.

Percussion instruments from one family of musical instruments. The word ‘percussion’ means ‘striking’. Percussion instruments make sound when you strike them. A drum is a precussion instrument. it has a thin piece of material, called a ‘drum-head;, stretched over a hallow piece of wood or metal. When you strike the drum-head, it vibrates. This makes the air around the drum vibrate. It also makes the air inside the drum vibrate. The vibrations inside the drum bounce back ad forth, somewhat like an echo. These vibrations are the sound that we here. Cybals are also percussion instruments. They make a loud, clashing sound when they are hit together.

Now read the following statements and find SIX of them which are in agreement with the passage. Write only the letters of TRUE statements

a) Precussion instruments make sound when you strike them.
b) A drum makes a sound when you strike it.
c) The drum-head is a price of wood or metal.
d) When you strike the drum-head the air inside the drum vibrates.
e) The vibrations inside the drum are similar to an echo.
f) The vibrations of the air around the drum prodces the sound we hear.
g) Cymbals, like drums are also percussion instruments.
h) The sound produced by cymbals is similar to the sound produced by drums.
i) Cymbals produce sound when they are hit together.
j) Percussion instruments belong to a family of musical instruments.

(53-55) Read the following passage:

Human beings have a much poorer sense of smell than animals which hunt their prey or have to be constantly on the look out for enemies. If the wind is in the right direction, a deer can smell a person 800 meters (half mile) away. A dg can follow the faint scent left by a rabbit in it tracks or detect the smell of crushed grass
where the rabbit has passed over it. Not only is the human sense of smell poor, but it also gets used to odours easily. If a person sniffs at a swak smell for a few minutes, he is soon unable to smell it at all.

Now complete the followign statemtns. In each case, write down the number of the statement and your choice in your answer book.

53. According to the passage ..........
a) animals have a better sense of smell than human beings.
b) human beings can smell strong odours better than animals
c) a deer has a better sense of smell than dogs.

54. Human beings have a much poorer sense of smell than .......
a) animals such as the dog and the deer.
b) animals which hunt their prey.
c) animals which are generally ground in forests.

55. In addition to being poor, the human sense of smell .......
a) cannot detect weak smells.
b) gets used to odours easily.
c) is not well developed.

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