March 2, 2014

10th English Important Questions - 2 Marks

Vinoba... A Portrait Sketch (Prose) - 2 Marks Questions

Q: What was the new kind of pilgrimage that Vinoba was leading?
A: Vinoba's pilgrimage was different from that of others. Instead visiting holy places, praying to God, and paying vows, he had a mission of his own: collecting land from landlords and distributing it to the poor peasants.

Q: When did the Land Gifts Mission start? Where? What was special about that place? Vinoba understood why landlords were being murdered. What was the reason according to him?

A: The Land Gifts Mission started in 1951 in a village near Hyderabad, where the landlords were being murdered by the Communist Agitators. Vinoba saw the misery of the landless peasants. He understood that their poverty and hunger had made them murderers.

Q: "I was awe-struck but a little puzzled''. Why was the author awe-struck? What puzzled him? The author thought that Vinoba's high principles would never influence the common man. Was he right?

A: In the beginning, Vinoba was a scholar. Later, he renounced everything to lead the
life of a simple peasant. The author was awe-struck on this. He was puzzled because
he thought that a man of high principles would not influence the common man. But
this is wrong.

Q: There are two reasons why a landlord would give away a part of his land. What are they? Which of them was acceptable to Vinoba?

A: There are two reasons for which a landlord would give away a part of his land. They are: i) mere sop to the public opinion, and ii) from a change of heart. Land given from a change of heart was acceptable to Vinoba.

Q: Was Vinoba confident that his work would succeed? Did he worry about the result of his work? What was his attitude to his work?

A: Vinoba was not worried about the success or failure of his work. The duty of fire is to burn. In the same way Vinoba felt that he should work and do service.

Q: What is the relevance of Vinoba's message to the modern world?

A: According to Vinoba, progress should bring about corresponding inner change without
which there cannot be any progress in the real sense of the world. What is needed most
in the world now is, therefore, inner change. Vinoba's powerful and impressive message
holds good everywhere in the world today and it is relevant to the modern world.

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