March 16, 2014

10th English Passages - First report of Dr.Watson

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it.
I got up and opened my door and peeped out. It was Barrymore with a candle in his hand. There was something indescribably guilty and secretive about him. I followed him and saw him enter one of the rooms in the farther end of the corridor. Now, all these rooms were unfurnished and unoccupied. I peeped through the door and saw Barrymore crouched with the candle held against the glass. He was staring onto the dark moor rather expectantly. He stood there for a few minutes. Then he gave a groan and impatiently put the light out.

1. Who is the narrator?
2. What made the narrator follow Barrymore?
3. Why was Barrymore carrying the candle?
4. Why was Barrymore staring out of the window?
5. Why did Barrymore groan as he put out the light?


1. Dr Watson is the narrator.
2. Barrymore was walking silently in the middle of the night, which made Dr Watson suspicious. So he followed him to find what he could be doing at that time of the night.
3. Selden, the brother-in-law of Barrymore, was starving on the cold moor. Barrymore signalled to him that food was ready by holding the candle to the window glass.
4. Barrymore was looking out for a signal from Selden to take him food.
5. Barrymore became impatient and let out a groan as he put out the light.

Important questions from the chapter:

1.When Dr.Watson follows Barrymore in the middle of the night, what does he find him doing?
A: Dr.Watson heard the sound of quiet footsteps in the middle of the night. When he got up and looked into the corridor, he found Barrymore walking with a candle in his hand.
Barrymore entered one of the rooms at the further end of the corridor, which were unoccupied and unfurnished. Watson found him crouched at the window holding the candle against the glass.

Barrymore stared into the dark moor for a few minutes, then became impatient and put out the candle. Watching all this, Dr.Watson became suspicious about Barrymore.

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