March 16, 2014

Tenth English Comprehension - Sir Henry Baskerville

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it.
“Well it is evident from what we have heard that Sir Henry has been followed by someone since he came to London. How else would anyone know so soon that he was to stay at Northumberland Hotel? If they had followed him that first day, I was sure they would follow him on the second day too. When our friends left, I followed them at once hoping to catch their follower. But he was so cunning and clever that he did not follow them on foot. He used a cab instead; he could therefore loiter behind them or dash past them, so they would not notice him. His method also had another advantage. If our friends had taken a cab, he would also be ready to follow them. However he overlooked one disadvantage of taking a cab. We have its number.2704 is our man. Can you recognize the man in the cab?” asked Holmes.

1.How did Holmes conclude that Sir Henry had been followed in London?
2. How was Holmes sure that the baronet would be followed on the second day too?
3.Who else wanted to follow Sir Henry? Why?
4.How did Sherlock Holmes say that Sir Henry’s follower was quite clever and cunning?
5.What were the advantages of taking a cab by the follower?


1. Sir Henry received a letter at Northumberland hotel the very day he arrived in London. Unless the writer of the letter followed him, there was no way he could have known where Sir Henry was staying. So Holmes thought so.
2. Since the person had followed Sir Henry to observe his movements on the first day, Holmes expected the person to follow Sir Henry on the second day too.
3. Holmes wanted to follow Sir Henry to catch the person who was following Sir Henry.
4. The man had come not on foot but in a cab. So he was ready to follow Sir Henry,whether he took a cab or chose to walk. So, Holmes concluded that the man was clever.
5. Since the man came in a cab, he could loiter behind them or dash past them, escaping being noticed. Also if Sir Henry took a cab, he would also be ready to follow them.

Important questions from the chapter:

1. What was written on the note that Sir Henry received on his arrival at the Northumberland Hotel? (OR)

What was strange about the letter Sir Henry received the morning after he arrived in London? What message did it contain?

A: On his arrival at Northumberland Hotel, Sir Henry received an anonymous letter with the post mark of Charring cross and posted the previous evening. The address was written in rough handwriting. Words had been cut out from a newspaper and pasted to form a single sentence. ‘As you value your life or reason stay out of the moor.’ Only the word moor had been written in ink.

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