May 15, 2014

Changes in 10th Class Exams from 2014-15 in AP and Telangana

The examinations and evaluation pattern for 10th Class and 9th Class has been changed with effect from the academic year 2014-15. There will be only 9 question papers in 10th Class public exams 2015, instead of present 11 question papers, as per the new system. Single question paper will be implemented for Language subjects. Core subjects such as Maths, Science and Social Studies will have two papers.

The evaluation in public examinations will be for 80 marks only. Remaining 20 marks will be allotted for project work, expression and other internal assessments. This is called formative assessment.

Students must get at least 35 marks in each and every subject including Hindi and other languages. The new system will be applied to all the Government and private schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Out of the total 600 marks, the public examinations will be conducted for 480 marks. There will be 120 marks for internal assessment / formative assessment. The formative Assessment include various projects and activities like lab experiments, records work, reading extra curricular books, analysis of social issues etc.

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