June 27, 2014

Engineering Colleges in Telangana For Sale - 2014

About 13 engineering colleges in Telangana State, mostly in and around Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts have applied for closure and get ready for sale this year. The Engineering Colleges Managements Association has predicted that about 70000 seats in the region may not be filled. The main reason for this would be the row over fee reimbursement scheme in Telangana.

The hostile situation between both AP and Telangana states is likely to exert negative impact on engineering admissions in Telangana this year. As per the Managements of Engineering Colleges Association, about 82 colleges around Hyderabad are going to face dearth of students this year.

It is also estimated that about 20000 students have already gone to neighboring states. The Telangana governments decision on fee reimbursement (parents nativity as criteria for local and non local status) and proposed pre 1956 residential status will impact the engineering colleges dearly.

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  1. It's very sad news, in future there is no Engineers in Telangana. T.Govt decession is not good.

  2. One major concern could be the native status of Telangana students who have settled and studied in Hyderabad and do not have any relevant certificates. Let us see how things turn out.