July 4, 2014

10th Class Maths Bits as per New Syllabus in AP and Telangana

1. If 2x - 5y = 17 and 4x - 10y = 8 then these equation are (R & P)
A) Consistent B) Inconsistent C) Equal D) none of the above

2. If x-coordinates of two points are zero. Then slope of the line segment joined by these two points is (R & P)
A) 0 B) 1 C) -1 D) not defined

3. 1, -2, 4, -8, ............. is (P.S.)
A) AP B) GP C) Both D) None of these

4. The ratios of corresponding co-efficients and constants in 2 two variable linear equations are equal. Then the equations show the lines (R & P)
A) Inter-secting lines
B) Coinciding lines
C) Parallel lines
D) none of the above

5. The average of 13 scores is 8. If one of the scores 20 is deleted from them, then the average of the remaining scores is (P.S.)
A) 7 B) 5 C) 21 D) 12

6. ABCD is a quadrilateral and a circle touches the sides of it at points P, Q, R and S respectively then which one of the following is true. (R & P)
A) AB + CD = BC + DA
B) AB + AD = BC + CD
C) AD + DC = AD + BC
D) AB + BC + CD < AD

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