July 4, 2014

10th Class Maths Model Questions - New Syllabus in AP and Telangana

Instructions : 1. Read the whole question paper and understand every question thoroughly, without writing any thing. 15 minutes of time is allotted for this.
2. Answer all the questions.
3. Write answers to the objective type questions on answer sheet, but at same place.

10th / SSC Maths Model Question - New Syllabus

1. Difference between a two digit number and the number formed by interchanging its
digits is 36. Express this data as an algebraic equation. (Communication)

2. Explain the characteristic of a line passing through points (-5, 2), (0, 2), (3, 2), (5, 2). (Communication)

3. Find the roots of 6x2 - 2x + 5 = 0. (Problem solving)

4. Mark a point on the second quadrant which is equidistant from quodriatic axes.

5. If (3I4I5I7) + (19I21I23) a composite number. Justify your answer. (Reasoning Proof)

6. If 6th term of a G.P. is 46875 and its 4th term is 375. Find its 9th term. (Problem solving)

7. Find the points of trisection of the segment joining the points (3, -2) and (-9, 4) (Problem solving)

8. How can you say that the points (1, -5), (3, -2), (7, 4) are collinear ? (Reasoning proof)

9. (a) Find the sum of all the multiples of 2 or 3 between 100 and 200 (100 and 200
are not included). (Problem solving) OR
(b) If the third and sixth terms of a geometric progression are 12 and 96, then find
the number of terms in the progression, which are less than 2000.

10. (a) While a helicopter is descending vertically an aviation kit dropped from it. If the height of the helicopter when the kit dropped is 590 m. Find how much time does
the kit reach the ground, also find its final velocity before it touches the ground.


(b) If Ganesh is 2 years elder to his sister, in how many years does he become a
voter ?

11. (a) Neelesh went to market to buy mangoes. He had enough money to buy number
of mangoes which are five times the cost of each mango. If the cost of each
mango is 2 less, he would have get 12 more mangoes. With this data daw a
graph to find the cost of each mango and the number of mangoes. (Visualisation)


(b) Check whether the following pairs of lines are intersecting, pardled or coincident
lines. 3x + 5y + 2 = 0, 2x - y + 10 = 0. Mark their solution on the graph.

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