November 7, 2014

10th Class Half Yearly Exams Model Papers for Telangana Students 2014-15

The Government of Telangana is gearing up to conduct SSC / 10th Class half yearly examinations in December 2014. The examinations will be conducted as per the new syllabus, new text books and new pattern of question paper released by the SCERT. Here we give some details about 10th Class Model Papers for half yearly exams for Telangana students in Telugu, English, Maths, General Science and Social Studies.

The question paper pattern for half yearly exams will be as follows:
1) Paper -1: For 40 marks
2) Paper - 2 : For 40 marks

1) Section I (Long Answer Type Questions): There will be 4 questions with internal choice. Each question will be for 4 marks thus making it a total of 16 marks

2) Section II (Short Answer Type Questions): The question paper will consists of 6 question with 2 marks for eahc question. Thus the section carries 12 marks

3) Section III (Very Short Answer Type Questions): This section will have 7 questions and each question carries 1 mark. In total, this section carries 7 marks.

4) Section IV: This section will have 10 multiple choice questions and each question carries 1/2 mark. Total marks for this section is 5.

Duration of the question paper is 2-30 hours. Total question paper is for 40 marks. Remaining 10 marks will be allotted for internal assessment. The scheme of the examination apply for all the papers and subjects in Telangana State.

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