November 24, 2014

10th Class Social Studies New Syllabus Preparation Plan

According to the NCF 2005 recommendations, Right to Education Act 2009 and APSCF 2011 position paper, the new text books are prepared and they are being taught in the schools. Giving information is not teaching. Lecture method is outdated. According to the new text books the teacher is a facilitator. He/she should provide opportunities for the children to expose on the basis of their experiences. Students come to school with a lot of experiences sought from their families and environment. There should be a link between the daily life and classroom transaction.

The teachers should give emphasis on mind mapping so as to consider the children experiences. By posing input questions, the teachers develop various skills among the students. For that the teachers can follow various strategies like group discussions, debates, meet the press, whole class discussion, seminars, meetings and so on.

If the teachers follow this type of classroom transaction, the students write the Summative Examinations in an easy way. This enables the child to present his/her own views. The teachers have to give scope for reflections on various multi diagonal paragraphs.

Different contemporary issues from the society are to be brought into the classroom and put them for discussion so that they can think themselves and come out with their own conclusions. They can be enriched with the whole class discussion and group activities. The teachers make their students learn many things themselves without
teaching anything.

Every teacher needs to know objective, content, method and evaluation. These four elements are coordinated in a right way. By coordinating these things the Academic Standards are fixed.
1.Conceptual Understanding.
2.Reading the text given, understanding and interpretation.
3.Information skills.
4.Reflections on contemporary issues and questioning.
5.Mapping skills.
6.Appreciation and Sensitivity.

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