November 24, 2014

10th Class Social Studies - Project Report Guidelines

The students are expected to explore the knowledge. For that they have to do something. They need to ......
1.collect information or data
2.record the data in a systematic way
3.analyze the data
4.make a report on the basis of analysis
5.Present the report in the classroom and a discussion follows so that they get some feedback.
6.At the end the student has to say what has he or she has learnt by doing this project. With this communication skills and social skills are improved.

It would be better to read and understand the text book only without depending upon study material or any guide. After reading a lesson, prepare your own notes. These should be in your own presentation. Order of points is not necessary for all the questions. It is necessary for chronological order in historical incidents only.

According to the new text book every student need to use the Atlas. Without Atlas students do not understand a few issues properly. Some calculation is given in the text for knowing the time of different places.

For English medium students, it is necessary to use a dictionary of geography also. The books are prepared on the basis of integrated approach. Geography and Economics are integrated and History is integrated with Civics.

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