November 1, 2014

10th Maths New Syllabus Bit Bank - Sets Chapter for AP and Telangana

Consider the following examples of Different items.

1. Bat, ball, gloves, wickets, pads
2. Bag, Text Books, Note Books, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Lunch Box, Water Bottle
3. a, e, i. o, u

All these examples are the collections of items/ objects. Each Example has
something is common. In First Example we see things of a cricket kit, In Second
Example things that are carried to school. Third example vowels. These are well
defined collection of objects or ideas.

A well - defined collection of objects or ideas is known as a set.
The meaning of the phrase "Well - defined" is
(i) All the objects in the set should have a common feature or property.
(ii) It should be possible to decide whether any given object belongs to the set or
not consider the example.
"The collection of 5 good books in the school library".

As the words "good books" are subjective in nature each student have their own
collection of 5 books. A students who is interested in comics picks, comics books.

A student who is interested in maths may pick 5 Maths related books. Similarly a
Science student picks 5 Science related books.

Therefore there is no uniformity in the collection by different students. Hence
"the collection of 5 good books in the school library" is not a well defined set.

In the above example, it is not possible to decide whether a given book belongs
or does not belong to the collection of objects.

If the same example is considered as "The collection of new text books of X
Class" The Collection is considered as a set.

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