November 1, 2014

10th Maths New Syllabus - Writing Sets - for AP and Telangana Students

Set-builder form of writing sets: Instead of listing the elements, If a set is defined in words with the common property of its elements, it is said to be written in the set builder form for...
E.g.:: B = {x/ x is a natural number less than 10}
C = {x/ x is a day in the week}
D = {x/ x is a colour in the rainbow}
All the above sets starts with a symbol x followed by a vertical line then the common property of its elements. These sets are written in set builder form Types of sets.

Consider the following sets:
1) X = {x/ x is a vowel in the word sky}
2) Y = {x/ x is a primary colour that begins with I}
3) Z = {x/ x + 3 = 5 and x is a natural number greater then 2}

The letters of the word sky are s, k and y
All these are consonants and not vowels
The set X does not contain any elements.
In the Second example, the primary colours are Red, Blue and Green. All these colours do not start with the letter 'I'. Therefore the set Y does not contain any element. It is empty.

In the Third example, two conditions are to be satisfied i.e., X + 3 = 5 and X is a natural number greater than 2.

X + 3 = 5
X = 2 but as the second condition says that the number must be greater than 2 we are left with no number that satisfies both the condition.Set Z is also an empty set.

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