November 4, 2014

AP ePASS Renewal of Scholarships 2014-15 for Post Matric Students

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has extended the deadline / last date for the submission of applications for the renewal of post metric scholarships for the academic year 2014-15. The students of Engineering, Medicine, Education, Management, Computers - MCA and other eligible students can apply online for the renewal of the scholarships. You can do the same through apepass dot cgg dot gov dot in . The students can submit online applications till 10th November

Following are the basic requirements you should fulfill to renew the scholarship application:
1) Aadhaar Card of self, father and mother.
2) If you do not have Aadhaar, you can enroll for the same at nearest enrollment center.
3) Students should have bank account name and mobile number to receive one - time password.

Students also require study / bonafide certificate, PAN Card Number and nativity certificate wherever they require to submit while applying online. Candidates should scan these documents and upload through the website mentioned above.

Most essential documents to be uploaded are: 1) Study / bonafide certificates for the last 7 years 2) Passed or promoted marks memo of the previous academic year 3) Original income affidavit duly signed by the student and the parent. You can download the format of the affidavit from the website.

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