November 27, 2014

IPE Exams - Jr Inter Zoology VSA Questions with Answers

Q: Define species richness.
A: Species richness is the number of species per unit area. More
number of species in an area the more is species richness.

Q: What is meant by tautonymy? Give two examples.
A: The practice of naming organisms in which genus name and species
name are the same is called tautonymy.
Eg: Naja naja (Cobra), Axis axis (Spotted deer).

Q: Differentiate between Protostomia and deuterostomia.
A: a. The eumetazoans in which blastopore of the embryo develops into
mouth are described as protostomes and they are placed in the Division
Eg: Earthworm
b. The eumetazoans in which anus in formed from or near the blastopore
of embryo are described as deuterostomes and they are placed in the
Division Deuterostomia.
Eg: Star fish

Q: Distinguish between tendon and ligament.
A: a. Tendon is a type of dense regular connective tissue that
attaches a skeletal muscle to bone.
b. Ligament is a type of dense regular connective tissue that attach
one bone to another at joints.

Q: What are retroperitoneal organs?
A: Certain organs in Vertebrates are protruded into body cavity and
are covered by parietal peritoneum only on their ventral side. Such
organs are called retroperitoneal organs. Eg: Kidneys.

Q: Define Osteon.
A: A Haversian canal and the surrounding lamellae and lacunae in the
matrix of bone are collectively known as
a Haversian system or Osteon.

Q: What is haematocritic value?
A: The volume percentage of red blood cells in the blood is known as
haematocritic value. Normally it is 45% for men and 40% for women.

Q: What are intercalated discs? What is their significance.
A: The structures, where adjacent cardiac muscles are joined are known
as intercalated discs. They are characteristic of cardiac muscles.
These discs contain adhering junctions.

Q: What is hyperparasite? Mention the name of one hyperparasite.
A: A parasite that lives in or on the body of another parasite is
known as hyperparasite.
Eg: Nosema notabilis (It lives in Sphaerospora which is a parasite in
urinary bladder of toad fish).

Q: What do you mean by parasitic castration? Give an example.
A: Some parasites cause degeneration of gonads of their host. This
phenomenon is called parasitic castration.
Eg: Due to Sacculina (parasite), the ovaries are degenerated in
Caracinus (host).

Q: A person is suffering from bowel irregularity, abdomen pain, blood
and mucus in stools. Based on these symptoms name the disease and
causative organism.
A: a. Amoebiasis.
b. Entamoeba histolytica

Q: Describe the route of extra intestinal migration of larva of Ascaris.
A: Intestine - Hepatic portal vein - Liver -Hepatic veins - Post caval
vein - Heart - Pulmonary arteries - Alveoli of lungs -Bronchi -
Trachea - Larynx - Glottis -Pharynx - Oesophagus - Stomach -

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