December 18, 2014

Inter First Year Zoology Imp Questions

Q: Compare and contrast the cartilagenous fishes and bony fishes.

Cartilagenous Fishes:
These fishes belong to the class - chondrichthys.
These are marine forms.
Endoskeleton is cartilagenous.
Skin is covered by placoid scales.
5-7 pairs of lamelliform gills are present operculum is absent.
Air bladder is absent.
Pelvic fins of males possess claspers.
Most of these fishes are viviparous.
eg: Scoliodon, Torpedo

Bony Fishes:

These fishes belong to the class - Osteichthys.
These fishes live in all types of water bodies.
Endoskeleton is bony.
Skin is covered by cosmoid, ganoid, cycloid or ctenoid scales.
Four pairs of filamentous gills are present.
Gills are covered by operculum.
Air bladder is present.
Claspers are absent.
Most of these fishes are oviparous.
eg: Exocoetus, Labeo

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