December 3, 2014

Sr Intermediate Chemistry - Important 4 Marks Questions - Surface Chemistry

Q: Give any 4 applications of emulsions.
A: Fats are digested in intestines due to emulsification. Emulsions
like lotions, creams, ointments are used as medicines. Cleansing
action of soaps in washing clothes is due to formation of emulsion.
Concentration of ores by froth flotation process.

Q: Give any 4 applications of Adsorption.
A: Removal of colouring matter from solutions by animal Charcoal. In
froth flotation process. In controlling humidity by Silica gel (or)
alumina gel. In the separation of Noble gases from their mixture on
activated Charcoal at different temperatures.

Q: Give any 4 applications of Colloids.
A: In the purification of drinking water by coagulation of suspended
impurities by alum. Hardening of skin (tanning) by soaking animal skin
in tannin or in Chromium salt. Colloidal medicines like argyrol is (a
silver sol) used as eye lotion, colloidal antimony is used in curing
Kalaazar. In cleansing action of soaps and detergents.

Q: What are emulsions? How are they classified?
A: The colloidal system in which dispersed phase and dispersion medium
are liquids is called emulsion.
Oil in water type emulsion: The emulsion in which dispersed phase is
oil and, dispersion medium is water. eg: Milk, Vanishing cream
Water in oil type emulsion: The emulsion in which dispersed phase is
water and dispersion medium is oil. eg: Butter, Cold cream

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