December 15, 2014

SSC Biology Important Questions from New Syllabus

Q: What questions would you ask a scientist about the aeration of roots, if you happen to visit a science center? (2 Marks)
A: I shall ask the following questions about aeration of roots:
1. How do plant roots take in air?
2. How do root hairs help in taking in air?
3. Does water plants contain air in their roots?
4. What is the use of hollow stem?
5. Can I know more about aeration of roots in mangrove plants/ trees?

Q: What questions would you ask a doctor to clear your doubt on why elders advise us not to talk while eating food? (2 Marks)
A: i) Why are we advised not to talk while eating food?
ii) What will happen if we talk while eating?
iii) What will happen if food particles enter the wind pipe?
iv) Why do we have separate pipes for food and wind in our system?

Write at least 5 questions to such type of questions. Think of the concept asked about. Then frame questions in your mind. Then
check if you are asking questions on logic and reasoning. Then write the questions.

Q:Who were the scientists that experimented on composition of air? (1 Mark)
A: It was Priestley and Lavoisier that experimented on air. (Learn about all the scientists mentioned in this lesson and their experiments).

Q: What is diaphragm? (1 Mark)
A: Diaphragm is a muscular tissue present at the floor of the chest cavity.

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