December 9, 2014

SSC English Grammar - Tenses Examples and Exercises for AP and Telangana Students

The TENSE of a VERB shows the TIME OF ITS ACTION and its degree of
completeness. There are three main tenses. Present, Past and Future.
Each of them has four forms.

Simple Present Tense Examples:

1. The sun rises in the East. (Truth)
2. We never go late to school. (Habit)
3. The circus show starts at night. (Announcement)
4. A stitch in time saves nine. (Proverb)

Present Continuous Tense Examples:

1. Look, the snake is going into the hole.
2. Don't disturb me, I am doing my homework.
Question: What are you doing?
Positive: I am watching TV.
Negative: I am not doing homework.

Present Perfect Tense Examples:

1. I have cut my finger (and it is bleeding now.)
2. We have lived in Utnoor for twenty years. (We are still living there.)
It is used for an action that is completed in the immediate past.
Eg: The newspaper has just come.
It is used for an action with no definite time.
Eg: I have seen this film.

Simple Past Tense Examples:

1. Columbus discovered America in 1498.
2. The plane to Mumbai took off a minute ago.
3. The old man died yesterday.
4. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery centuries ago.

Past Continuous Tense Examples:

1. I was having a bath when the phone rang.
2. When we reached the bus stand, the bus was moving.

Past Perfect Tense Examples:

Fill in the blanks with either past simple or past perfect forms of
the verbs given in brackets.
1. By the time the doctor ........ the patient ...... (arrive/ die)
2. I ...... that I ..... to bring my keys. (find/ forget)
3. The teacher ........ our notebooks after he/ she ..... them.
(return/ correct)

1. arrived/ had died
2. found/ had forgotten
3. returned/ had corrected

Past Perfect Continuous Examples:

Eg: 1. The phone had been ringing for five minutes but no one attended to it.
2. They had been living in Australia for two years before the World War began.
3. At that time he had been writing a novel for three months.

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