January 7, 2015

10th English Grammar - Prepositions Model Questions for AP and Telangana

Using 'It' for several purposes: i) It's very cold outside. (It's = It
is) ii) Vaseema bought a mobile phone and kept it in her bag.
Impersonal Noun. The impersonal 'it' can be used in general

The impersonal 'it' can be used in general statements.
Eg: 1) It's impossible to walk on water.
2) It's easy to preach.

Sentence Opening:

Eg: 1. Your shoes look awful. They should be mended. = It's time your
shoes mended.
2. Why is Kartheek still in bed? He should get up. = It's time Kartheek got up.

Make sentences using 'It's time...' with the situations given below.
1. Padmasree has been using the same compass box for a long time. She
should buy a new one.
2. You think Shruthi should buy a new school bag. It is old and shabby.
3. The pollution in Boath is getting worse day by day. The Gram
Panchayat should do something about it.
4. You think Preethi should write to her parents. She hasn't written
to them for months.


1. It's time Padmasree bought a new compass box.
2. It's time Shruthi bought a new school bag.
3. It's time the Gram Panchayat did something to control pollution in Boath.
4. It's time Preethi wrote to her parents.

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