January 7, 2015

SSC English Grammar - Prepositions Model Questions as per new Syllabus in AP and Telangana

A preposition is a word that is used before a noun or pronoun to show
its relation with other words in a sentence.
Eg: Kartheek spoke to Abhinav with his hands in his pockets.

Some Commonly Used Prepositions: in, on, at, to, for, from, before,
after, beside, behind, about, against, over, during, between, through,
round, along, across, towards, among, etc.

1. Will you be able to meet me at school? (at indicates place.)
2. My uncle lives in Japan. (in indicates place.)
3. She died of cholera. (of indicates reason.)
4. He is a son of poor parents. (of indicates possession.)
5. I got up late in the morning. (in indicates time.)


1. It's ten by my watch. (Not in my watch)
2. Vaseema spoke to me on phone. (Not with me)
3. We watch cricket on TV. (Not in TV.)
4. Shruthi caught Preethi by her arm (Not with her arm.)
5. There are some birds in the tree. (Not on the tree.)
6. Abhinav has just left for hyderabad. (Not left to...)

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

1. The cat is hiding .... us ..... the table.
2. I shall return your dictionary .... a week or two.
3. My cousin is older ...... me ..... two years.
4. Kashmir is the bone of content ........ India and Pakistan.
5. Take ....... your dirty shirt and put ...... a new one.
6. Are you satisfied ....... your performance in test?
7. The godown is infested ...... rats.


1. from, under 2. in 3. than, by 4. between 5. off, on 6. with 7. with

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