January 12, 2015

Top Schools in Hyderabad Gachibowli, KPHB and Kondapur Areas

The schools are mushrooming in and around Gachibowli, Kukatpally, KPHB, Kondapur and surrounding areas. Following are some of the top notch schools in those areas in Hyderabad. The details of fee structure and websites are also provided.

1. Oakridge International School
Fee: 1.7 Lakhs per annum with 10 ~ 20 percent hike per annum - open for admissions for 2015-16.
Website: http://www.oakridge.in/joinoakridge/

2. Kennedy Global School
Fee: 1.5 Lakhs for first year (approx) 1.3 Lakhs pa with 10~15 percent hike per annum - closed admissions for 2015-16.
Website: http://www.kennedyhighglobalschool.com/

3. Silver Oaks School
Fee: 1.3 Lakhs for first year- 1 Lakhs pa with 10~15 percent hike - closed admissions for 2015-16.
website: http://hyderabad.silveroaks.co.in/ -

4. Sanghamitra School
Fee: 1 Lakh (approx) first year - 60000 (approx) - closed admissions for 2015 -16. Admission is impossible unless you have luck to get in lucky dip.
website: http://sanghamitraschool.co/

5. Ganges Valley School
Fee: 1.7 lakh (approx) per annum - 1.5 Lakh per annum (approx) - admissions open for 2015-2016.
Website: http://www.gangesvalleyschool.com/admissions-information/

6. The Creek - Planet School
Fee: 75000 per annum - 55000 with 10~20 percent hike per annum - admissions open for 2015-16.
Website: http://www.thecreekschool.com/

7. Global Edge School- 90000 (approx)
Fee: 75000 with 10~15 percent hike per annum. Admission open for 2015-16.
Website: http://kukatpally.globaledgeschool.com/

8. DAV, Kukatpally
Fee: 1 lakh (approx). Admission in first week of January 2015.

9. Gitanjali kukatpally (New) School
website: http://www.gitanjalischools.com.

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  1. The availability of facilities like labs, playgrounds and library is what makes any school the top school in Hyderabad.