February 8, 2015

10th Biology New Syllabus Important Questions - Control and Coordination

V. Communication Through Drawing, Model Making
Q: Draw a neat labeled diagram of brain and answer the following questions:
1. What is the bony box that contains the brain called?
2. What is it that extends from the back of the hind brain?
3. What does central nervous system comprise of?

1. Crainium
2. Spinal cord
3. Brain and spinal cord.

VI. Appreciation and Aesthetic Sense, Values

Q: What does this picture denote?

A: It is a synapse. Dendrites of one nerve cell connect to the other or to the axons of the other nerve cell through connections called as a 'synapse'.

Synapse is the connections between neurons. Synapse is a functional region between two neurons where information from one neuron is transmitted or relayed to another neuron.

VII. Application to Daily life, Concern to Biodiversity

Q: How are responses brought about in our body?

A: Responses are brought about by rapid changes in some muscles and such changes are usually related to changing stimuli. Rapidity of response indicates an efficient communication system linking those parts that pick up stimuli to those that elicit a response.

Q: Give an example for the functions of autonomic nervous system in our activities.

A: Example: When we enter a dark room we cannot see anything immediately. Slowly we are able to see the things around us in the room. This is because of increase in diameter of pupil, which allows more light in. When we come out of the dark room into broad day light the diameter of the pupil decreases allowing less light to enter into the eyes. Both these functions occur under the influence of the autonomic nervous system.

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