February 25, 2015

10th Class Grammar Model Questions on Reported Speech for Telangana and AP students

Here is the exercise on Direct and Indirect Speech questions (Grammar) to be asked in 10th Class / SSC English. The model questions are useful for the SSC Public Exams of AP and Telangana students.


Turn the following sentences into indirect (Reported) Speech.
1. Sai Priya said to Padma Sree, ''I met Shruthi in Kolkata".
2. Sai Krupa said, ''I don't drink tea"
3. She said to me, ''How old are you?"
4. My father said, "I am terribly busy now''.
5. The manager said, "The train will be late".
6. The doctor said to the patient, "Take complete bed rest for a week".
7. Ganesh said, "What is the strange cry?"
8. The peon said to his officer, "Sir, please grant me leave".
9. The teacher said, "Be regular to classes".
10. His mother said, "Kartheek, how clever you are!"
11. He said, "oh God! I will never sin again".
12. I said to my sister, "Will you help me?"
13. Our teacher said, "Be careful of your behaviour".
14. The inspector said to the constables, "Chase the thief".
15. The student said to the Headmaster, "I shall never do it again, sir".


1. Sai Priya told Padma Sree that she had met Shruthi in Kolkata.
2. Sai Krupa said that she didn't drink tea.
3. She asked me how old I was.
4. My father said that he was terribly busy then.
5. The manager said/ announced that the train would be late.
6. The doctor advised the patient to take complete bed rest for a week.
7. Ganesh wanted to know what the strange cry was.
8. The peon requested his/ her officer to grant him/ her leave.
9. The teacher asked/ advised us to be regular to classes.
10. His mother exclaimed that Kartheek was very clever.
11. He prayed that he would never sin again.
12. I asked my sister if/ whether she would help me.
13. Our teacher warned us to be careful of our behaviour.
14. The Inspector ordered the constables to chase the thief.
15. The student assured the Headmaster that he would never do that again.

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