February 11, 2015

Junior Inter Chemistry Model Question Paper for AP and Telangana Boards

Duration of the exam is 3 hours and maximum marks allotted are 60. The
following is the Chemistry question paper for Junior Intermediate
students of AP and Telangana.

I. i) Answer ALL questions.
ii) Each question carries 2 marks.
iii) All are very short answer type questions. 10 × 2 = 20

1. Calculate RMS and most probable speed of O2 molecules at 27°C.
2. Write about the biological importance of Calcium and Magnesium.
3. Mention 2 Oxides each responsible for a) acid rains and b) Green
house effect.
4. How does graphite function as a lubricant?
5. SiO2 is a solid while CO2 is a gas. Explain.
6. What is 'Heterogeneous equilibrium'? Give one example.
7. Give the reactions that take place at anode and cathode in
Castner-Kellner process.
8. Define the terms 'BOD' and 'COD'.
9. The empirical formula of a compound is CH2O. Its vapour density is
45. Find the molecular formula of the compound.
10. Name the products A and C in the following reaction Br2/CCl4
Alc.KOH Br2 Ethylene .... A ..... B ... C


II. i) Answer any SIX questions.
ii) Each question carries 4 marks.
iii) All are short answer type questions. 6 × 4 = 24
11. Derive a) Graham's law of diffusion and b) Dalton's law of partial
pressures from Kinetic gas equation.
12. a) Calculate the molarity of NaOH in the solution prepared by
dissolving 4 g in enough water to form 250 ml of the solution.
b) Calculate the mass of Na2CO3 required to prepare 250 ml of 0.5 N solution.
13. State Hess's law of constant heat summation. Explain this law
during the formation of CO2 from Graphite.
14. a) State Lechatlier's principle.
b) What are Lewis acids and Lewis bases?
15. How H2O2 is prepared by electrolytic method? Give 1 oxidising & 1
reducing property of H2O2.
16. What is borax? Explain the borax bead test with suitable example.
17. Give 1 method of preparation of acetylene. How does it react with
water and ozone? Give equations.
18. Discuss Markowni Kov's rule and Kharash effect.


III. i) Answer any TWO questions.
ii) Each question carries 8 marks.
iii) All are long answer type questions. 2 × 8 = 16

19. Write any two postulates & two limitations of Bohr's model of an
atom. Explain how spectral lines are formed in the hydrogen spectrum
with a neat diagram.
20. What is first and second Ionization Enthalpies? Why I.E2 > I.E1
for a given atom? Discuss any 4 factors that affect the ionization
enthalpy of an element.
21. a) Explain coordinate covalent bond with the help of NH4Cl ion and H3O+ ion.
b) Write molecular orbital configuration of N2 and O2. Calculate bond
order of N2 and O2.

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