February 28, 2015

Junior Inter Commerce Important Questions for IPE Exams of AP and Telangana

Following are some important questions for Junior Intermediate Commerce students of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for IPE Examinations of respective Inter Boards. The questions are as per the new syllabus and question paper pattern. See the questions below:

1. Define Joint Stock Company? Explain features.
2. What do you mean by Prospectus? State the contents of the Prospectus.
3. Explain various kinds of Preference Shares.
4. Define Business. What are its characteristics?
5. Contents of partnership deed.
6. Write different types of Business Finance.
7. What is Equity Shares? Explain features of Equity Shares.
8. Explain the scope of E - Business.
9. Define M.N.C. and explain its characteristics.
10. Profession 
11. Genetic industries
12. Dayabaga Law 
13. Registered Companies
14. Promotion 
15. Name Clause
16. Retained earnings
17. Medium enterprise
18. What is Book Keeping?
19. Business Entity concept.
20. Explain two advantages of Double entry system.

21. Journalise the following transaction in the books of Ganesh.
2011 Rs.
Feb 1st Sales 8,000
Feb 2nd Sold Machinery 5,000
Feb 5th Sold goods for cash 2,500
Feb 10th Goods taken for private use 6,000

22. Suspense Account.
23. Single entry system.

24. Write the opening Journal entry from the following particulars.
Cash Rs.10,000
Debtors Rs.12,000
Machinery Rs.26,000
Bills payable Rs.5,000
Bills Receivable Rs.6,000
Buildings Rs.24,000
Creditors Rs.4,000

25. Prepare Trial Balance from the following particulars.
Bills Receivable Rs.3,000
Sales Rs.2,400
Returns Outwards Rs.600
Bills Payable Rs.1,600
Purchases Rs.6,000
Capital Rs.4,800
Returns Inward Rs.400

26. What is Double Entry System? Explain its advantages.

27. Prepare Sarada account from the following.
2010 Rs.
June 1st Due to Sarada 2,500
June 10th Goods purchased from Sarada 18,000
June 16th Goods returned by Sarada 3,000
June 18th Cash paid to Sarada 5,000
June 20th Goods purchased from Sarada 10,000
June 25th Sarada account settled by cheque at 5% discount.

28. From the following transactions, prepare Sales book and Sales - returns book.
2013 Rs.
March 1st Sales to Rakesh Traders 20,000
March 4th Sales to Ramesh (Trade Discount 5%) 5,000
March 12th Sales to Rama rao 12,000
March 15th Returns from Rakesh Traders 600
March 21st Returns from Rama rao 800
March 25th Sold goods to Vikas for cash 2,500

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