February 17, 2015

Senior Inter Economics Model Paper for IPE Exams in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Here is the Senior Intermediate Economics Model question paper for AP and Telangana students. The Intermediate examinations (IPE) will commence soon and the model paper is useful for the students of both the states. The duration is 3 hours and maximum marks allotted are 100. Section A and Section C gives 30 marks each and Section B is allotted 40 marks thus making a total of 100 marks. See the model paper below:

Section - A

I. i) Answer any THREE out of the following five questions.
ii) Every answer may be limited to 40 lines.
iii) Each question carries TEN marks. 3 × 10 = 30
1. India is a developing economy. Discuss.
2. What are the causes for inequalities in the distribution of income of wealth? Suggest some measures.
3. What are the causes for low productivity in agriculture? Suggest some measures to improve it.
4. What are the causes for rural indebtedness? Suggest measures to reduce it.
5. Critically explain the 1991 Industrial Policy.


II. i) Answer any EIGHT out of the following twelve questions.
ii) Every answer may be limited to 20 lines.
iii) Each question carries FIVE marks. 8 × 5 = 40

6. What are the factors influencing economic development?
7. Distinguish between economic growth and Economic Development.
8. Explain GATT. Explain the objective of GATT.
9. Explain the theory of demographic transitation.
10. What is the role of education in rural development?
11. What are the different types of unemployment?
12. Explain reasons for poor performance of land reforms in India.
13. Explain the defect in agricultural marketing in India?
14. Explain 1948 Industrial policy resolution.
15. Explain the causes of regional imbalance in India.
16. Write a Note on Arogya Sree, 108, 104.
17. Write a Note on Material balance model.


III. i) Answer any FIFTEEN out of the following twenty.
ii) Every answer may be limited to 5 lines.
iii) Each question carries TWO marks. 15 × 2 = 30

18. Planning commission definition of developing country
19. Economic growth
20. Liberalisation
21. Poverty gap
22. Urbanisation
23. Green Revolution
24. Eco-system
25. Industrial estate
26. Rythu Bazar
28. Mixed recall period
29. Civil aviation
30. National income
31. Per capita income
32. Great dividing year of population
33. Disguised Unemployment
34. Backward States in India
35. Regional imbalance
36. e-waste
37. Science and technology

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