March 19, 2015

10th Class Biology Bit Bank for SSC Public Exams

1. Which part of the plant takes in carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis?
a) Root hair b) Stomata c) Leaf veins d) Sepals

2. Which of the following is correct?
a) the diaphragm contracts - volume of chest cavity increased
b) the diaphragm contracts - volume of chest cavity decreased
c) the diaphragm expands - volume of chest cavity increased
d) the diaphragm expands - volume of chest cavity decreased

3. Which of the following opinion is correct?
a. Ravi said, xylem and phloem cells arranged one upon the other to form a
tube like structure.
b. John said, xylem and phloem are not separate tube like structures.
c. Salma said, xylem and phloem cells connect together to form a tube like structure.
d. Hari said, because of its shape they said to be tube like structures

4. Amber colour to urine due to...
a) urochrome b) bilirubin c) biliverdin d) chlorides

5. Diabetes is related to this gland...
a) thyroid b) pancreas c) adrenal d) pituitary

6. How does the sperm break through the egg cell membrane? Choose the option you think is right.
a) Tears a hole in the membrane
b) Dissolves the membrane with chemicals
c) Bites through the membrane with teeth
d) Squeezes through gaps in the membrane

7. Human organism is an internal combustion machine because of ......
a) assimilation of energy from food
b) liberate CO2 during respiration
c) expel waste food at the end state digestion
d) secrete powerful digestive juices

8. Natural selection means....
a) Nature select desirable characters
b) Nature rejects undesirable characters
c) Nature recent with organism 
d) a, b

9. According to Charles Elton....
a) carnivores at the top of the pyramid
b) energy trapping is high at the top of the pyramid
c) No producers at the top of the pyramid 
d) a and c

10. Huge amount of toxic chemicals leak into the surrounding eco system because of....
a) industries b) mining c) pesticides d) modern technology

11. Light energy in photosynthesis transforms into ..........
a) chemical energy b) electric energy
c) mechanical energy d) renewable energy

12. Disease caused due to protein malnutrition ......
a) marasmus b) kwashiorkor c) measles d) influenza

13. Abbreviation of ATP .....
a) Adenosine Tetra Phosphate
b) Adenosine Tri Phenophthalene
c) Adenine Tri Phosphorus
d) Adenosine Tri Phosphate

14. Products of anaerobic respiration ....
a) ethanol/ citric acid
b) ethanol/ lactic acid
c) lactic acid/ oxygen
d) citric acid/ lactic acid

15. Xylem and phloem form ......
a) vascular bundle b) vascular stamen c) food d) water

16. In blood pressure, 120/80, 120 shows ..... pressure and 80 shows ....... pressure.
a) systolic, diastolic b) diastolic, systolic
c) systolic, pressure d) diastolic, response

17. The alkaloid used in prevention of malaria ....
a) sulphur dioxide b) quinine c) gums d) latex

18. The hormone that increases the metabolic rate .....
a) adrenaline b) vasopressin c) auxin d) thyroxine

19. Marriage age for men is ..... and women is..
a) 20, 16 b) 21, 18 c) 32, 20 d) 18,21

20. The bacteria that turns milk into curd is.....
a) lactobacillus b) metrobacillus c) fungus d) yeast

21. The pH nature of the saliva....
a) acidic b) watery c) basic d) gaseous

22. The age of fossils is estimated by -............ method.
a) carbon plating b) carbon dating
c) sulphur printing d) x-ray

23. Disease caused due to the pollution of mercury is ........
a) obesity b) diabetes c) anaemia d) minimata

24. The scientist who introduced ecological pyramid ..........
a) Charles Elton b) Charles Darwin c) Mendel d) Watson


1-b; 2-a; 3-c; 4-a; 5-b; 6-b; 7-a; 8-d; 9-d; 10-b; 11-a; 12-b; 13-d; 14-b; 15-a; 16-a; 17-b; 18-d; 19-b; 20-a; 21-c; 22-b; 23-d; 24-a.

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