March 4, 2015

10th Class English Grammar - Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises

Change the following into Indirect Speech:
1. My neighbour said, ''Alas! My grandfather is dead".
2. She said, ''May the old man recover soon!"
3. The tourist said, ''How beautiful the park is!"
4. Harshini said to her teacher, 'Good morning sir!"
5. The audience said to the girl, ''Hats off! You have danced well.


1) My neighbour exclaimed sorrowfully that his grandfather was dead.
2) She prayed that the old man might recover soon.
3) The tourist exclaimed that the park was very beautiful.
4) Harshini wished her teacher good morning.
5) The audience applauded the girl saying that she had danced well.

Questions for Practice:

1. The referee said to the players, "Don't cross the line".
2. The constable said to the motorist, "Show me your driving license."
3. "Would you have a cup of coffee, please?"
4. The boy said to the teacher, "May I come in, sir?"
5. "Form queue immediately", said the commander to his men.
6. The dentist said to the woman, "Brush your teeth twice a day".
7. The beggar asked the devotees, "Give me something to eat, please!"
8. "Close the door, please," said the girl.

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