March 2, 2015

Junior Inter Chemistry Important Questions - 13 and 14 Elements Chapter

Following are important 2 marks questions of Junior Inter Chemistry (first year) for IPE exams of AP and Telangana states. The questions are from the chapter 13 and 14 group elements.

Q: What is inert pair effect?
A: The reluctance of pair of 'S' electrons in the valence shell to take part in bond formation. Eg: Tl shows +1 oxidation state instead of + 3 (O.S).

Q: What is borarine? What is its common name? Mention the hybridization of B in it.
A: B3 N3H6 is borarine. It is called as inorganic benzene due to resemblance of structure of benzene. Hybridization of B is SP2.

Q: What is allotropy? Give the crystalline allotropes of carbon.
A: The phenomenon of existence of an element in 2 or more physical forms having same chemical properties. Eg: Diamond & Graphite.

Q: Why is CO poisonous?
A: CO is highly poisonous as it forms stable carboxy haemoglobin complex. It prevents from carrying O2 to the cells of body & resulting in death.

Q: CO2 is harmful as well as useful. Explain.
A: Plants use CO2 in photosynthesis to prepare food (glucose), where as CO2 traps infra red ration, which leads to green house effect.

Q: SiO2 is solid while CO2 is a gas - Explain.
A: Each Si of SiO2 bonded tetrahedrally with 4 oxygen atoms by single covalent bonds. Due to giant 3 dimentional poly tetrahedron network, it exists as solid. Where as each oxygen of CO2 forms a double bond with carbon (O = C = O) and gives a linear structure. CO2 exists as gas due to presence of weak Vander waal's forces among discrete molecules.

Q: SiF6 -2 is known while SiCl6 -2 is not. Explain.
A: Both of the ions have Si+4 ion, which is small in size. So 6 smallest F- ions can be accommodated around it. Hence SiF6 -2 exists. Where as large size of Cl- ions and weak interaction with Si+4 ion, SiCl6 -2 does not exists.

Q: Give the composition of a) Synthesis gas and b) Producer gas.
A: a) Synthesis gas: CO + H2
b) Producer gas: CO + N2

Q: Give 2 uses of Silicones.
A: Used to prepare water proof fabrics. Used as electrical insulators.

Q: Give the use of Z S M - 5.
A: This zeolite convert alcohols directly into gasoline.

Q: What is dry ice? Give its uses.
A: Solid SiO2 is called dry ice. Used as fire extinguisher. Used as a refrigerant for ice creams.

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