March 27, 2015

SSC Final Exams English Exercises - Voice and Question Tags

Following bits / exercises are useful for SSC public exams (English) for both AP and Telangana students. The questions are provided after the exercises.

I. Change the following into the Passive. (Active to Passive Voice):

1. We should not damage public property.
2. The gardener is watering the plants.
3. Nurses look after patients.
4. Someone has stolen my purse and mobile phone.
5. Bolt the door behind you, please.
6. Did she invite you for the party?
7. We will buy a new car this year.
8. Who discovered America?
9. We expect you to be polite.
10. They are going to exhibit several items now.

II. Add right Question Tags to the following.

1. I am not a liar, ......?
2. The potter was not a courageous person, ......?
3. The hunter shot several birds dead, ......?
4. The elephant eats grass and straw, ......?
5. The camel can live for months without drinking water, ......?
6. I hope you will help me, ......?
7. My mother has just finished cooking, ......?
8. I am an ardent follower of Kejriwal, ......?
9. You don't like watching films on TV, ......?
10. The news is reliable, ......?


Passive Voice:

1. Public property should not be damaged.
2. The plants are being watered by the gardener.
3. Patients are looked after by nurses.
4. My purse and mobile phone has been stolen.
5. Let the door be bolted behind you, please.
6. Were you invited by her for the party?
7. A new car will be bought by us this year.
8. By whom was America discovered?
9. You are expected to be polite.
10. Several items are going to be exhibited by them.

Question Tags:

1. am I? 
2. was he?
3. didn't he? 
4. doesn't it / he?
5. can't he / it? 
6. Won't you?
7. hasn't she? 
8. aren't I?
9. Do you? 
10. isn't it?

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