March 16, 2015

SSC Public Exams English Comprehension - Familiar Passage

1. The potter walked through the wet forest
A) in search of a tiger.
B) to beat the tiger.
C) to look for his wife.
D) in search of his donkey.

2. He muttered to himself that
A) he would tie the tiger up under the tree all night.
B) he would beat the donkey.
C) he would tie the donkey up under the tree all night.
D) he would sleep under the tree the whole night.

3. The potter said that he had done nothing of the sort. What was it?
A) catching the donkey.
B) catching the tiger.
C) bringing his donkey home.
D) his sleeping under the tree.

4. 'He then jumped on to the frightened animal's back!. which was the frightened animal? Why was it frightened?

5. Why did the villagers praise and thank the potter?

Answers: 1-D; 2-C; 3-B.

4. The frightened animal was the tiger. The tiger was frightened as it thought that the creature that was beating and kicking it was 'leak' which it thought was a very dangerous creature.

5. The villagers praised the potter for his courage in catching the tiger. They thanked him because the tiger had eaten many of their goats and buffaloes.

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