June 9, 2015

Telangana SSC New Textbooks for Telugu and Social Studies Subjects 2015-16

Following are the details of new text books for Telugu and Social Studies in Telangana state. The new books have been prescribed for SSC / 10th Class students of Telangana state board. The Telugu Text books have been changes to a greater extent. The Social Studies text book has been changes in the last chapter to include Telangana movement. Here are more details of changes in SSC / Tenth Class textbooks in Telangana.

Telugu: All lessons in the textbook have been changed except one: "Nagara Geetham". The lesson "Shataka Madhurima" of the older textbook too remains, but the first few poems have been changed, and one poem from the older Class IX Textbook has been added.

There are three lessons which reflect the spirit of Telangana in the textbook, and these three are about the freedom fighters of Telangana, The Telangana Movement and about the Golconda Fort.

One lesson which was in the older class VIII Telugu Textbook "Nava Vasantham - 3" called" Jeevana Bhashyam", which was written by Dr. C Narayana Reddy has been repeated in the textbook, we don't know why.

Social Studies: Only the last lesson has been changed, and now, it is "The Movement For The Formation Of Telangana State", which explains in detail, the movement and the protest led by various personalities, which has now resulted in a separate state of Telangana.

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