July 16, 2015

DEECET General English Preparation - Parts of Speech

The same word used as different parts of speech The same word may
belong to different parts of speech. It is the function or use of the
word in a sentence that determines the part of speech the word belongs


The Policeman ran after the thief (Preposition).
I reached the station after the train had left (Conjunction).
He reached soon after ...... (Adverb).


He has been booked for copying (Verb).
He is reading a book (Noun).
He stood before the booking window (Adjective).


The event came to a close amidst much fanfare (Noun).
He is my close friend (Adjective).
Close the door before you go to bed (Verb).
The incidents were closely connected (Adverb).


My little sister is 21 today (Adjective).
We have little information (Determiner).
I slept very little last night (Adverb).
Little as known about her whereabouts (Pronoun).


Most people were happy (Determiner).
This is a most unfortunate situation (Adverb).
Most of you what you say is wrong (Pronoun).


His school is near his house (Preposition).
The examinations are nearing (Verb).
He is a near relation of mine (Adjective).
She came near (Adverb).


I haven't eaten anything since breakfast (Preposition).
It's twenty years since I've seen her (Conjunction).
She has not been seen since ...... (Adverb).

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