September 21, 2015

Intermediate Economics Model Question Paper for AP and Telangana Boards 2015-16


I Answer any THREE of the following Questions: 3 x 10M = 30M
1.'India is a developing economy' – Discuss.
2.What are the causes for rapid growth of population in India?
3.What are the causes for poverty in India?
4.What are the causes for low productivity in a agriculture? Suggest
measures to improve it.
5.Critically examine the 1991 industrial policy.


II Answer any EIGHT of the following Questions: 8 x 5M = 40M

6.Explain the role of international trade in economic development.
7.What are the objectives of family planning programs in India?
8.What are the different types of unemployment?
9.Explain the theory of demographic transition.
10.Briefly explain the sectoral contribution to the national income.
11.Write an essay on the role of NABARD in rural credit.
12.Reason for poor performance of land reforms in India.
13.Briefly review the 1956 industrial policy resolution.
14.What is co-operative farming? Mention the reasons for its failure.
15.What are the factors influencing economic development?
16.Explain the role of industrial sector in Indian economy.
17.What factors are favorable to globalization in India?


III Answer any FIFTEEN of the following Questions: 15 x 2M = 30M
18.Economic development.
20.Population explosion.
21.Primary sector
22.Janani suraksha yojana
23.Co-operative farming
24.Absolute poverty
27.Density of population
28.Rhythu bazaars
30.Industrial estates
31.Green revolution
32.Bharat Nirman
33.Kisan credit card
35.Per capita income
36.Sutainable development
37.Renewable resources

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